Landscape Supplies

Reed and Perrine is a landscape supply store. We also carry fabric, tree supplies, drain supplies, bagged concrete, edging, and tarps plus a whole lot more.


Aluminum edging (natural & black)
Plastic edging (strips)
Steel edging (black)

Plastic & fabric

Plastic sheeting (10’ or20’ x 100’) (4mil & 6mil )
Fabric-commercial needle point 2.5oz (4’x225’)
Fabric-professional spun-bond 3.2 oz (3’,4’,6’,12’ wide x 300’)
Fabric- woven 12.5’ x ft. (Nursery & Paver use)

Tree supplies

Arbor tie (3/4” x 250’)
Burlap (sheets 32” TO 80” square & rolls)
Duckbill anchors, kits & driving tools
Chain lock (1/2” X 250’ & 1” x 100’)
Tree gator bags
Tree root barrier
Tree stakes, pencil point (2” x 2” x 6’)
Twine (1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply)
Wire 14 gauge x 1/4 mile

Miscellaneous supplies

Concrete mix
Drain pipe & connectors
Landscape barrels
Mortar mix
Poly totes
Tarps (various sizes & colors)
Water Softener salt (standard & rust out)